Qualtiy Boutique imports for Wine & Sprits

The invictus story

Invictus M.O.S. is a top quality boutique company, active in the marketing of wine and spirits. The company also engages in providing professional support and service for these products, taking into account the distinct needs of each customer.

Invictus was founded in 2012 by Ilan Hasson, who has more than 25 years of experience and knowledge of the local wine industry, in which he served in various positions, the prominent among them being managing director of a winery, which in the 10 years of Ilan’s management grew substantially and reached the position of the fourth biggest winery in Israel.

Ilan also founded the “Cave” winery, which is highly appreciated in the wine industry for its outstanding quality and for its innovative marketing concept of launching and introducing a new product.

In addition, Ilan founded Jasmine Spirits, an import company for quality brands of alcohol, among them the ultra-premium vodka brand, Vodka Beluga, Bokha Bokobsa, Cognac Dupoy as well as the premium categories of Nestle Waters – Perrier and Vittel.

Invictus has gained a noticeable reputation in the field of trade and local marketing as well as in the import and export business with worldwide first class customers and suppliers.

Today, Invictus represents a long list of prestigious international brands in the domain of alcohol, and at the same time engages in significant export activities of Israeli wine worldwide.

The company has established widespread contacts with partners in key positions of the French and Spanish wine industry, as well as in other countries, and this enables the manifestation of trade in the wine branch in Israel as well as in various other countries.

Invictus has recently launched their new boutique winery in Israel – Five Stones Vineyards. Five Stones Vineyards’ wines are created by a vibrant hub of people who love wine and of knowledgeable, passionate and experienced winegrowers and winemakers who have come together to create an excellent wine that meets the highest standards, with no compromises and no shortcuts.

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